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The Pet Owner's Guide To Selling A Home: 5 Things To Do To Prepare Your Property

The Pet Owner's Guide To Selling A Home: 5 Things To Do To Prepare Your Property
We love our pets, there's no doubt about it. They’re a part of our family, of our home. However, once you’ve put your house on the market, you need to understand that not all potential buyers would want to see your pets while they are touring your property. Seeing your pets or any evidence of them can make them wince and possibly turn them away, even if they are pet lovers themselves.
If you have a dog, cat, or any other pets, here are some extra steps you need to take to prepare your home for sale:

1. Give Them a Holiday.

The best way to keep your home clean and get it ready for showings is to temporarily relocate your pets. If you can, arrange to let them stay with a trusted family member or friend in the meantime. This will give you the chance to meticulously clean your house and eliminate all signs of animals.

Likewise, buyers (and your realtor) will have an easier time looking at your property during showings since there won't be any barking or purring in the background. Remember that you won’t be at home when people tour your home, so if your pets can also get out for a little while, the better.


2. Eliminate Pet Odors.

What's one of the biggest deal-breakers among buyers? Funky smells and pet odors, by the way, are one of the main culprits. Removing the scent your animals leave behind can be your biggest challenge when preparing your home for sale. It’s not as easy as hiding away your pet’s accessories or throwing out their litter box. You don’t want buyers to be welcomed by your living room’s magnificent carpet, only to find out that it reeks of urine. Uh-oh.

Because you’re already accustomed to the odors in your home, it might be harder to realize how your property smells. Try using a pet odor remover or baking soda to dispel all traces of your pet’s urine. For animals like hamsters, guinea pigs, turtles, snakes, and fish, clean their cages or tanks frequently. If you need to, you can hire a professional cleaning service to clean your carpets and other hard-to-reach places. Then, bring in a friend or your realtor to do a whiff test to ensure your home smells fresh and inviting.


3. Get Rid of Pet Hair and Stains.

Aside from the smell, tufts of fur can get stuck to your upholstered furniture and even on floors. This will not only make your home look messy, but it can also trigger allergies among your potential buyers. Make sure that before each show, you've dusted and vacuumed your entire home to remove any signs of your furbaby’s hair.


The same goes for any stains on the carpets and rugs. Take note of any discoloration and fix them, if you can. If not, replace your rugs and deal with the tougher stains on your floors and walls using a commercial-grade cleaner and disinfectant.


4. Hide Their Stuff and Accessories.

Remember that your pet's accessories are not part of your home staging, no matter how adorable they look (Yes, even those cute socks and holiday costumes!). Even potential buyers who are pet lovers won’t be impressed and will likely see them as clutter. So those collars, leashes, toys, food, food bowls, and pet beds need to be put away— make sure to clean them before stashing them away in a cupboard or closet.

5. Repair Any Damage Caused by Your Pets.

Take the time to fix any significant damage in your home that was caused by your dog or cat's constant chewing and biting. It may cost you money, especially if the damage to your furniture, carpets, and hardwood flooring is extensive. However, remember that the amount you’ve spent paying for repairs and cleaning may be worth it once you see that many potential buyers want your home and your home eventually sells for top dollar.

Bottom Line

Selling a home when you have pets won't be any harder as long as you know how to properly prepare your property to get offers from potential buyers. The best way to manage it is by informing your real estate agent about your pet situation so he or she will know how to handle every little detail to help sell your home.

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