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10 Little Weekend Projects You Can Do To Refresh Your Home

10 Little Weekend Projects You Can Do To Refresh Your Home
Spiff up every space in your home with these DIY projects you can do on a weekend to make your home look and feel its best, especially if you've been living in it for a while. These improvements may not cost a lot, but they’ll make a big difference in how your home looks and functions.
So get your creative juices flowing and give your home some TLC with one or more of these updates:
Adding a new backsplash is an amazing way to freshen up your dull kitchen and add some colors and patterns to it. They add character and also protect your tiles from splashes and spills. Besides, they are easy to install and can be done without the help of a professional. If you can't manage to install new ceramic or glass tile backsplash because of a tight budget, use peel-and-stick decals to transform those boring white tiles and add a pop of color to a neutral kitchen.
An eclectic gallery wall is brimming with endless possibilities since you can display anything on it—mirrors, photographs, drawings or artwork, wooden letters, postcards, clocks, or even empty frames. It'll help to add color, and pattern, and to personalize an otherwise blank space. You can keep it stylish, chic, sophisticated, or even rustic depending on your choice. The most important thing is to think out of the box to create a unique statement wall that will simply define you.  
Get creative with your drawer space or a basic shelf by constructing a mini charging station for your family's devices. Drill a hole through the back of the dresser and drawer to accommodate electrical cords behind it. Then, use a drawer divider (or even cartons) and a power strip to organize your cell phones, music players and other electronics, together with their respective chargers. With this simple hack, you can keep clutter to a minimum and there won’t be a need to search all the drawers for your charger when it’s time to plug in your favorite device.
Make use of boring, static walls and maximize your home's vertical space by installing floating shelves. You can add these shelves above your TV, or if you want to increase storage space in the laundry room or bathroom. They’re also the perfect choice in place of a bookcase or to be added in the corner of a room. They also offer flexibility when seasons or your tastes change so you can always have that fresh, cozy look. To add some visual interest, add and arrange framed artworks, decor, coffee table books, family photos, and even succulents. 
Updating your light fixtures is a simple DIY project that can have a game-changing effect on your home since good lighting sets up an invigorating mood and can even add size to any room. So whether you make the most out of natural light or invest in some new bulbs or lampshades, use lighting to create layers and accents. For a rather modern look, swap out the traditional chandelier and go for several pendant lights to grace your dining table or light up a workspace. Switching out your light fixtures in the entryway is also a good project if you need ideas to improve your home's curb appeal.
Give your cabinets, drawers, and doors a facelift by replacing their standard handles and pulls with hardware pieces that reflect your taste. It's an easy and affordable DIY project that can have a surprising effect on a room’s look, no matter how small these elements are. You can add trendy brass pulls for a modern look, or you can mix and match different metals and finishes to suit the room’s overall aesthetic. Visit a home decor store for new ideas and to check what material and color go well with your home style. Just make sure to measure the existing anchor holes and choose an alternative that’s the same width before doing this update.
The combination of new window treatments and new curtains can go a long way in giving a pretty facelift to a room. Trade your shabby window treatments for some new panels that you can DIY or purchase, then opt for flowy curtains that will not only block out the sun but will also give a boost of color to your home. If you're feeling fancy and want to add more visual interest to your window, use dark-toned curtain rods with decorative caps. 
With some cheap peel-and-stick wall decals, you can transform a plain and boring room into an artsy wall without spending a lot of time and money. This is also a great way to accessorize your kid's room since you can let them feature their favorite characters and designs. Also, when their style and preference change, the decals are super easy to switch out. For the living room and other common areas, choose a patterned piece that is appropriate to your furniture. There are also peel-and-stick wood products if you want to give a new face to cabinets and drawers.  
If you're looking to redefine and add warmth to a space, there’s no better and cheaper way to do it than by adding rugs and fabric. And it isn’t only the colors and patterns of the rugs that can have an impact, but their placement as well. You don’t even need to use expensive carpets since you can layer them together. Go with rugs that have bold designs and striking hues or with colors that complement your home’s overall theme and style, then lay them diagonally on the floor for that added visual interest. You can also drape sheets of fabric on your lampshades or the sofa for that subtle transformation. 
Don't let another sticky note fall off the fridge by adding a message board in your kitchen or dining area. This is a great upgrade from your simple calendar or notepad and it’s also a fun and functional DIY project that everyone in the family will enjoy. Purchase a premade message board (you have a lot of options—magnetic, cork, or even glass) and fit it in a nice patch of empty wall space that is readily visible to everyone. You can use it for your grocery lists, daily reminders, or even short but sweet family messages that will let you stay reminded and connected to everyone living in the home. 

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